• With domain extensions such as .CLUB, and others like .wiki and .shop, etc., it is important for brands to consider a domain name strategy that both protects their brand and serves their customers.

    A brand, especially a retail or consumer facing brand, should want to own its respective .CLUB name in order to own and control its community.  A brand should be the logical authority for its community and not let a third party appear to be so because they have the .CLUB for your brand.

  • More importantly, domain extensions like .CLUB give brands the opportunity to better serve their community of customers and fans by branding the destinations of their loyalty/reward/affinity programs.After all, aren’t your customers already a member of your club?

    If your brand is not already registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) you either have to go the TMCH directly or to a TMCH agent. All trademark holders can choose from an accredited TMCH registrar below.


Sunrise is closed. General Availability starts May 7th, 2014.






 Sunrise FAQ

[tab title=”What is Sunrise?”].CLUB will hold a 60-day Sunrise period which will be aimed at serving trademark holders who have registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). Following Sunrise there will be a 30-day “Land Rush” period targeting Domain Investors. For both Sunrise and Land Rush, auctions will be held to resolve multiple applicants for the same .CLUB domain.[/tab]
[tab title=”Why protect your brand?”]With the advent of some 700 new generic top level domain names (TLDs), brands are faced with some big decisions when it comes to determining which extensions are important for them to control their brand name on the left side of the dot.  Historically, when new TLD’s have been introduced the primary concern of corporations and brands has been to protect their names from URLs that could prove to be embarrassing or confusing to their brand image.  With the introduction of new top level domain names, many of them generic words with meaning, it may make good sense for brands to consider taking a different approach to their domain name strategy. Read an article about brand protection here[/tab]